Poker King Pro Airport Control - Airport City, Aiport Control, Airport Scanner, Airport 3D airpline parking, Airport Bus Driving Simulation
Airport Control
This game is all about airline control and strategy.
So are you that sharp pilot that can take the heat?
Driving an airplane in the city is serious job.
You need to be the best island scanner when you want to land in your Airport safely.
With hundreds of lives at risk, you need to be aware and know every single detail of airport ops!
You full concentration and focus is necessary in this game.
How do you play Airport Control?
With you finger, guide each incoming aircraft on the runway.
Make sure that they do not collide or else the game is over.

- Cool air bus for you to play with
- Do airport landing simulation in each city and island.
- 3D - Like graphics for you to enjoy.
- Miss parking an airpline and the game is over.
- The direct finger control offers total excitement!
- With the integrated sharing interface in this game, you can create a healthy competition with your friends!

Travelling is now in season, and everywhere in this island you see people flying from one place to another. Now, its your job to make sure that there is order in each airport! Whether its a jet plane, an air bus or a helicopter, you need to draw a pathway to make sure that each of these aircraft are on track. You need to prevent chaos and be certain the each flying machine do not collide.

This simple airport parking games is perfect for all ages! Download now and enjoy!
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