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Balloon Darts
Let the festivities begin because Balloon Dart is here! This 3D darts is all about fun and enjoyment for all ages.
So how exactly is this balloon games being played?
Just pop the balloon with the darts provided in front of you and you win the game.
The more balloon you pop, the more points you will have!

Strengths of Balloon Darts
- Nice friendly palette of colors to enjoy the game in a festive way.
- Cheerful and fun background music to totally enjoy the balloon pop.
- Vivid HD 3D Balloons and darts
- Game options of Progressive and Quick Play
- Brings excitement of the finger "flick" controls.
- Site target available to accurate pop the balloons
- Free for now!
- Balloon Darts does not require ultra permissions, it only requires internet connection and wake lock permissions, you can verify this with a trusted Anti Malware, in other words, our game is SAFE to download and enjoy!

Balloon Darts is indeed a perfect game for everyone, especially when you are playing with a group. Download, play and share this game through the game's online sharing interface and see who is pro darts player this 2014!
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