Poker King Pro Ninja Match - Fruits Legend, Swiped Fruits, Crazy Fruit, Marble Legend, Ninja Saga
Ninja Match
Become a ninja fruit legend with Ninja Match The Swiped Saga when you play this game! Everybody is getting crazy fruit marble with this game!

Why is this game such a hit, well for one, it is entrancing, you literally can't stop playing this game! Ninja Match The Swiped Saga is all about fun and focus!

So how do you exactly play this game?
Just match the right 3 ninja warrior with each other and you win the game. Sounds simple? Wait. There's more!

There is a time limit and there are other elements that you need to watch out for. These elements comes out after finishing a level, and each level, the time limit decreases.

This game will actually make you a marble legend!

Ninja Match The Swiped Saga Features:
- A lot of challenging levels & many game props.
- The grenade props can eliminate fruits in one row.
- The lightning props can eliminate the fruits around.
- Amazing HD graphics for you to enjoy!
- Free for a limited time

Ninja Match The Swiped Saga is a game that can perk your day up! Download now and play with friends through the game's online sharing interface.

Tags: Fruits Legend, Swiped, Crazy, Fruit, Marble, Ninja, Saga, Match
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